About Surf New Media

Founded in 2004, Surf New Media has decades of experience working in and with newspapers in many ways ... Including working within newspaper staffs as reporters, ad reps and IT technicians. No one company knows what newspapers need online and in the ever-growing mobile market than Surf New Media. All Surf New Media technicians are highly qualified in their field, many working and consulting with companies such as Apple and Mozilla. Our recently-launched e-Edition page flip and subscription-management service is just the latest innovation our staff has implemented in the publishing market. Contact us today to bring your site to the next level of web and mobile technology while increasing your online revenue.


Our Key Leaders

John Sokolich

Co-Owner / Lead Programmer

Tara Dunleavy

Co-Owner / Project Manager

Rob Anfinson

Sales & Marketing Director

Our History

A Brief History of Surf New Media

  • March 10, 2004

    Our Humble Beginnings in Middlebury, Vermont

    Surf New Media was founded by John Sokolich (a newspaper reporter) and Tara Dunleavy (a newspaper ad rep) under the name of Fusion Web FX. The name would change, but our focus on newspapers has never waivered.

  • February 2007

    Award-Winning Web Development is Born

    The Arizona Press Club first recognized our newspaper web development. Since then, we have won numerous press association awards including from the Kansas, New England and New York Press Associations.

  • April 2012

    Growth and Expansion to Naples, Florida

    When our offices opened in Naples, our expansion grew. We added staff, increased offerings and started working on projects specifically to help the news industry, including e-edition software and app development.

  • November 2013

    Marketing is Expanded

    In our effort to expand our company, we decided a marketing partner would help. We then partnered with the Miami Dolphins for some national coverage; and more recently with a local high school sponsoring their app.

  • Summer 2015

    Staff Expansion

    In an effort to better serve clients, Surf New Media expanded its staff of developers and programmers; including dedicating a project manager to each new client, who co-ordinates site work and launch.

  • January 2016

    A Re-Focus on Newspapers

    After expanding to tourism, real estate and e-commerce, Surf New Media has come full circle back to news and media sites. Our sole priority and focus is now newspaper web development. We have redoubled our efforts to provide quality, affordable and award-winning service to the newspaper and media industry. We continue to expand services and features for our clients.

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Press Association Awards

Montana Press Association 1st Place (Best Website - Division 4): 2017
Montana Press Association
2nd Place (Best Website - Division 4): 2016
New York Press Association 1st Place (Front Page): 2015
New York Press Association 1st Place (Overall Site): 2015
Kansas Press Association 3rd Place: 2015
New England Press Association 4th Place: 2015
New York Press Association 1st Place: 2014
New England Press Association 1st Place: 2012
New England Press Association 1st Place: 2011
New England Press Association 1st Place: 2009
VT Press Association 1st Place: 2009
New England Press Association 1st Place: 2008
American Web Developers 2nd Place: 2008
New England Press Association 1st Place: 2007
Arizona Press Club 3rd Place: 2007

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