The Open Source Newspaper

Using the Drupal CMS, Surf New Media can save you up to 70% vs. proprietary software ... and get you a better website.

Open Source CMS is a considerably better website value for community newspapers than what proprietary vendors offer.

When you compare the values – included features, hosting and tech support – Open Source wins hands down. Drupal open source solution through is the best total value in the newspaper industry.

Just read the first two paragraphs of, you will get the feel of the energy of millions of users and 1000s of developers constantly making it better. Proprietary vendors cannot match this pace of development.

“Open source meant that we not only had the developers we hired working for us, but thousands of Drupal coders creating modules that we could use…. Drupal to us was the most flexible, cost efficient answer without having to sacrifice quality.”

We have taken the Drupal modules and put them together to create more than 300 community newspaper websites, including dailies and groups. Visit our client portfolio for more information.

The modules in Drupal work well together; they’re designed that way. If you want to add a free e-edition or photo gallery module, it’s free with an already available module to add to your website. It’s that easy, proprietary vendors would charge you extra every month.

Get a better newspaper website, plus you can save about 70% vs. the proprietary vendors. Don’t get trapped into what the expensive vendors offer when you can get a much better solution available with a great future at a cost much lower cost.

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Surf New Media and Drupal

The website management system (CMS or newspaper CMS) we work with for newspaper web development has the flexibility for your newsroom, advertising department, and circulation departments to have a website that works together seamlessly: posting news, taking subscriptions, and submitting / tracking ads. Our sites are designed to work within your business plan. With a background in technology, the new industry and efficiency, Surf New Media offers complete web development at a fraction of the cost of the competitors.

Additionally, your staff will have access to real-time statistics, a guarnateed server uptime of better than 99.9% and customer/user management unparalleled in the market today.

The staff at Surf New Media has been involved in open source Drupal development since 2005 and have delivered local and international websites based on Drupal's superior content management system. Some examples of Drupal's flexibility and solid code base can be found at the platform's website While visiting, please check out some of the contributions our staff have made to the Drupal community, including modules, theme development and support.