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Customized Web Solutions:
    • Newspapers / e-Papers
    • Magazines & Campus News

Full Integration:
    • Social Networks
    • AP Content Enrichment
    • Monetizing Site Content
    • Paywalls / Advertising / Baseview


The website management systems (CMS or newspaper CMS) we work with for newspaper web design have the flexibility for your newsroom, advertising department, and circulation departments to have a website that works together seamlessly: posting news, taking subscriptions, and submitting / tracking ads. Our sites are designed to work within your business plan. With a background in technology, the new industry and efficiency, Surf New Media offers complete web development at a fraction of the cost of the competitors. More Information

Options: Managed Web | Package Pricing | No Upfront Costs

Surf New Media offers both a one-time development cost for newspapers; or the more popular managed website option, both of which are outlined below. The managed web development ensures your site continues to run at peak performance for a low monthly fee. Our prices are for newspapers of any size, without limitation. We have no hidden costs, no revenue sharing and no limitations.

For newspaper groups and multiple publications, we offer additional sites (within the same group) at discounted prices, saving your company as much as 90 percent* for each additional website.


Managed Development Pricing: ($2,995; + $195 per month recurring)

Surf New Media offers managed development pricing, which can dramatically cut preliminary costs (by more than 50 percent) off of the package pricing.

The managed development package is an off-the-shelf solution for any newspaper in any market. This package includes our most popular features from our packages options, including an integrated advertising engine, paywall options, PDF pageflip technology, article scheduling and classified section all built on top of our full content management system.

Additionally, you get peace of mind, with our scallable web hosting solutions, unlimited hosting support, monthly website support and free site maintenance, ensuring your site can continue to grow and update without worring about any technical aspects of it.

Main Features:

Additional Features:

  • HELP DESK: On-Call Developer
  • FREE Site upgrades
  • FREE Site Maintenance
  • FREE Site Hosting Allotment (VPS / up to $40 per month)
  • UNLIMITED Staff Training
  • UNLIMITED Site Support
  • UNLIMITED Bandwidth
  • UNLIMITED Emails
  • 24/365 Hosting Support
  • FREE PROGRAMMING - 1 Hour of additional programming per month
  • FLEXIBLE CONTRACT PRICING - Contracts start at just 12 months


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Managed pricing is not subject to any additional discounts or specials offered via Surf New Media. Additional Hosting Charges may apply for larger websites.


Package 1: ($3,500 complete; customizations available)

Our basic development package, this package offers custom features to take a full-range of the latest options available for online news sites and newspapers for any market. Key features in this package include an advanced paywall system, allowing you monetize your site through both advertising and subscription content. The paywall system can be metered (such as the New York Times implemented on its website), or customized to restrict certain content to subscribers only.

The Package options are complete solution for any market newspapers gearing toward upgrading their website to the latest trends in the newspaper industry. This package also includes scheduling articles, user-submitted news and blogs, and advanced photo galleries, which can be implemented with other multimedia.

Newspapers which have used this package include: The Addison Independent (, Tecumseh Herald (, Starkville Daily News (, and the Capital Community News (

Main Features:

Additional Features:

  • Community blogs
  • Photo galleries
  • Article scheduling
  • Paywall (full or metered)


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Package 3: ($6,500 complete; customizations available)

Considered our Metro Package, this advanced package offers custom features to take a full-range of the latest options available for online news sites and newspapers. Key features in this package include integration with the Associated Press, video options, and full social media application development.

The Package options are a complete solution for larger newspapers gearing toward social media integration, while needing advanced advertising options, paywall integration and a user-friendly management system for content, online orders (subscriptions) and user/customer management.

Newspapers which have used this package include: The Samoa News in American Samoa (, The Vanuatu Daily Post (, The Pakistan Reporter ( and Ruston Daily Leader in Louisiana ( Although the package includes features geared toward high-circulation newspapers, customizations are available to work within smaller markets as well.

Main Features:

Additional Features:


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CUSTOM PACKAGING: (No upfront costs / monthly pricing based on customizations)

Customized packages can be tailored to your newspaper's specific needs. Many times these packages include custom programming not otherwise available; although this pacakge is also available for those newspapers looking for less, rather than more. We understand that not all newspapers can fit their web options into specific pacakges and would like to offer a custom-made site specific to your needs.


  • Custom site layout for your specific needs
  • Custom designs / custom font programming
  • Content management system integration
  • Integration with news systems
  • Integration with specific office software
  • Custom Advertising Engines




Contact Us for a consultation.


Surf New Media offers many VPS hosting plans for newspaper websites. Our hosting plans are specifically optimized for news sites using the Drupal content management system. Our servers have a guaranteed uptime of 99 percent, with redundant back-up servers to ensure your website remains online even during traffic spikes. Additionally, our servers are designed to expand with your site, seamlessly allowing upgraded services when needed. In addition to optimizations made for the Drupal CMS, hosting accounts include built-in webmail, pop and imap mail servers and full control panels to manage all aspects of your server.

Community Weekly Hosting: ($40 per month) Perfect for community weekly newspapers, this hosting plan includes moderate bandwidth, high storage and super-fast servers specially configured for lower traffic sites, but with full features needed for a wide range of website functions. This hosting plan is recommended for weekly and twice-weekly newspapers.

Regional Hosting: ($60 per month) A very robust hosting plan, specifically optimized for daily papers or high volume weekly publications. Expandable as needed, the servers are configured to offer high bandwidth usage and deliver exceptional speed. CPU resources are expandable to offer quick response to high-bandwidth functions including video, dynamic displays and galleries.

Metro Hosting: ($100 per month) This is the recommended hosting for high-traffic daily newspapers in medium to large markets. This high-end hosting plan includes a full control panel, expandable storage, 2GB of burstable RAM and extremely high bandwidth.


LOWER Resource Usage: $220 per month
Intel Xeon E3-1220LV2 2.3GHz
100 mbps Uplink
4 GB DDR3 Memory
500 GB RAID-1 Drives
10 TB Bandwidth

MODERATE Resource Usage: $280 per month
Intel Xeon E3-1265L 2.5GHz
100 mbps Uplink
4 GB DDR3 Memory
500 GB RAID-1 Drives
10 TB Bandwidth

MODERATE/HIGHER Resource Usage: $380 per month
Intel Xeon E3-1265L 2.6GHz
100 mbps Uplink
8 GB DDR3 Memory
500 GB RAID-1 Drives
10 TB Bandwidth

HIGH Resource Usage: $450 per month
Intel Xeon E3-1220LV2 3.3GHz
100 mbps Uplink
8 GB DDR3 Memory
1 TB RAID-2 Drives
10 TB Bandwidth

Each website package includes training for your staff. Training sessions usually last about an hour and include walking staff through posting, editing and managing the site and its functions.

WEBSITE UPGRADES = Variable depending on needs
Because your site will be built with open-source software, additional functionality can be purchased at any time without having to re-program your site. Such upgrades can be made on a per-site or entire group basis.