Newspaper Site Management

How do I add an ad to the site?

1. Login to the site as an administrator.
2. In the upper left admin navigation bar click ADD CONTENT link.
2. This will open a page of content types on the site. Click "Simple Ad."
3. Fill in the blank for title.
4. In the ad group choices, choose the ad placement (or size) wanted.
5. Upload an image ad from your computer in the file upload area.
6. In the URL Address, enter or copy-paste the advertisers website address
7. Click SAVE on the bottom

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How do I add a new user (subscriber) to our site (Drupal 7)?

1. Login to the site with the admin account
2. Click on the “People Menu" in the black administration menu at the top of the site
3. Click the link (in the upper right of the People Page) to “Add User”
4. Fill in the blanks for username, email address, password.
5. Click on the role you would like to give them and click on the box to “notify user of new account”
6. Click save
7. To add an expiration date … after saving, click on the edit tab of the account you just created.

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