Use articles for time-sensitive content like news, press releases or blog posts. This is the main content type for adding news to your site. It includes a title (headline), section selection, tags, byline, body, image and kicker. Your specific article content type might have more or less fields than listed here.


Use basic pages for your static content, such as an 'About us' page.


Use for multi-user blogs. Every admin gets a personal blog. Not all sites include blogs.


This is to add an event to your calendar and upcoming event block on your site. It contains a tile, event description and fields for start dates/times; end dates/time as well as options for repeating events.


Contains a title, a body, and an administrator-defined expiration date. This is the basic module for adding classified ads to the site. Your site might have a different way of adding classified.


Add an image gallery to the site. With this content type, you can create a gallery with a title, description and multiple photos. All images are automatically resized and placed within a responsive, online gallery on the site. Each site can have unlimited photo galleries and each gallery can house up to 50 photos.


Add an e-edition or special section to the site. This content type includes a title (where many just give it the date of the e-edition or the name of the special section), an image field to upload a cover image of the edition and a file field to upload your PDF. The PDFs should be a single file with multiple pages.


Use products to represent items for sale on the website, including all the unique information that can be attributed to a specific model number. We use this content type for creating subscriptions on the site, but is normally not used when managing the site.


Use this content type to add an add to the site. It includes a place to title the ad, upload the image of the ad, give it a URL and scheduling options.


Advertisement campaigns have fallen out of fashion recently and can be ignored by most. This option is to make an advertising campaign where an ad is listed on the site for x-number of clicks and/or x-number of impressions.


A newsletter is very basic and has just two fields: A title and body. The title becomes the subsject line of the email, and the body is the body of the email This is mainly used for news alerts such as breaking news emails. A newsletter issue to be sent to subscribed email addresses.


Video Content (YouTube) is a way to add a YouTube video to the site. This video will appear in the video section of the site as well as a front-page block of videos is applicable to your site.


Create a new form or questionnaire accessible to users. Submission results and statistics are recorded and accessible to privileged users. Overall, we will not ask you to use this content type. If a new webform is wanted, please contact and we would be happy to add in a new form for your newspaper.

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