Hits: Hits mean retrieval of any item, like a page or a graphic, from a website. It shows the total hits per year, per month, per day etc.

Files: Files mean total files retrieved from a web site. It is shown files per years, per month, per day etc.

Pages: Pages mean total pages called from a web browser for a website. It shows total pages retrieved per year, per month, per day etc.

Visits: Visits mean when first time web browser calls a website and view website in session it is counted as one visits. It shows total Number of person visited website per year, per month, per day etc.

Bandwidth (Kbytes): Total size of Pages/ Files viewed from a web browser is measured in Kbytes. Is called as bandwidth of a website. It is shown by per year, per month, per day, per hour etc.

Referrers: It shown referrers for a website. Referrers means request for a website arrived from which location.

User Agents: User agents mean type of browser has accessed the website like Mozilla/3.0, Netscape Etc

Countries: It shows No of Visits from different Countries. Like from India N% from US N% etc

Search String: It Shows Keywords used at different search engine for finding a websites. It shows which Keyword is used frequently to find website.

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