When pasting in from certain word processing programming (specifically Microsoft Word), additional text formatting is added from the word document into the text editor. The additional formatting carried over from the word processing document is not seen when pasting, but is seen by the text editor.

This can result in text being a different font than the site has programmed in, or oftentimes shows extra coding (or in many cases very small text) within the body area when the article is saved.

To alleviate this, please paste copy into the body area of the article in one of the two following ways:

  • Disable the text editor before pasting in the text.

To disable your text editor before pasting, please scroll below the body text area. There is a link reading similar to "Disable Rich Text" or "Switch to Plain Text Editor." Clicking this will disable the text editor. You can now paste in the article copy and the additional coding provided by your word processing document will be stripped out.

  • Use the paste from Word option within the text editor on your website.

To use the Paste from Word option, there is an icon in the text editor buttons. It looks like a clipboard with a "W" on it. Clicking this icon will produce a pop-up window where you can paste in your article text from your word processing document. It will strip out the extra code and add it plain text formatting to the body area.

Further Information

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