Cancellation of Current Web Development
1. Contact current web development company about cancelling your service with them. Some require a 30-day notice for such cancellation.
2. Request archives for your surrent provider. They will ask for a date your would like to have them.
    - We suggest getting the archives through about a week before your new site will launch

Getting Archives
1. Once your archives are completed, you will get an email with instructions on how to retrieve them.
2. Forward this email to
3. Surf New Media will work to import the archives to the new site.

Transferring Domain to Surf New Media
1. If your current web provider is in charge of your domain, please ask them to unlock the domain for transfer. They will provide you with an authorization code when this is completed.
2. Notify about transferring the domain. Please be sure to list all domains you would like transferred.
3. Surf New Media will start the transfer process.
4. Your current provider will receive an email to accept the domain transfer. At that time, they will also receive two codes from the new registrar. Please have them forward these codes to you.
5. Please send these codes and we can complete the transfer.

Please note: A domain transfer can take several days to complete.

Further Information

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