The simple answer is, "automatically."

When someone subscribes to the site they will automatically be given subscriber access to the site upon successful payment. They will retain this subcriber access for the duration of their subscription term.

Near the ending of the subscriber's subscription term, the site will automatically send out a reminder about the pending expiration. At that point, the subscriber can renew and have their subscriber access extended (again, automatically by the site).

If the subscriber chooses not to renew, their subscriber access will automatically be revoked at the end of their subscription term.


When a new subscription is purchased, the site will notify the admin account's email of the purchase with a link to the order. You will need to be logged in as an admin to view orders on the site, but all orders are tracked and saved on the site. Additionally, your payment processor will send you an email of the transaction when it is completed.

To view orders on your site, please follow these steps:

  1. Login to your site
  2. Click on the "store" link in the administration menu
  3. In the left column are links to view orders, which will show the various orders on the site
  4. Additionally, if you click on one of the following reports listed in the right column of the store page, there are sales reports:
  • Customer reports, which will allow you to view reports for store customers
  • Product reports, which will allow you to view reports for store products
  • Sales reports, which show reports for store sales.

Further Information

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