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When the site is ready to be launched, the following will need to be completed in order to ensure a successful launch.

Client Checklist:

  1. Make sure the test site created by Surf New Media is working as expected.
  2. Make sure you have access to the domain control panel of your website. This where you have registered your domain (GoDaddy, Network Solutions, etc.). Surf New Media will need access to the domain control panel to point your domain to the site when going live.
  3. If additional items are needed from your current website, please make sure to contact your current web developer to get whatever is needed.
  4. If email accounts will also be hosted with your site via Surf New Media, please send Surf New Media the list of email accounts that should be set up on the new server.

Surf New Media Checklist:

  1. We will set up the new server to house your new site. When completed, we will provide you will a welcome email (for your records), which will give you access to the server control panel and information for setting up your email accounts and FTP accounts if wanted.
  2. After the server is configured, we will take the test server offline and and transfer the site from the test server to the new server, which will be the live server when you are ready to launch.
  3. When the transfer is completed, we will provide you will a temporary ULR to access the site and use it before it is officially launched.
  4. When ready to launch, Surf New Media will access your domain control panel and point the domain to the new server. The site will then be “live.” Please note the propagation period for the domain to fully resolve can take up to 24 hours to complete.

Further Information