Adding targeted articles to your site (as shown below) can build your site's revenue without the need to sell ads. We have partnered with several clients to build this program, which has the potential to boost website income by hundreds of dollars per month as the program expands. As more websites are added to the program, the shared revenue increases.




Adding Infolinks ads to your site can boost ad revenue on your website. The ads are non-intrusive as shown at the bottom of this page.

Intent Targeting: Contextual targeting uses keywords to ensure that your ads reach an audience with an interest in your message

High Viewability: We perfect viewable impressions and duration to ensure ads are seen and considered to achieve performance.

Exclusive Placements: We simplify your media buying by providing exclusive placements across our direct 25,000 publishing partners

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Ad Sales and Training

Website Success: Our clients make $10,000′s in new annual ad revenue, stop procrastinating, monetize your website now.

Increase your site's revenue and have your ads pay for your new site within a month!

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Our advertising site monetization program has consistently given newspapers a boost to their current advertising dollars as well as tapped into new income never before realized. On average, our sales staff can boost your newspapers advertising revenue by thousands of dollars. Web Ad Marketing can earn your paper thousands of dollars. Schedule a consultation today!