When adding in an image to an article or a cover photo to a PDF, there might be times when the the image will not show. Sometimes the site will even give an error stating something along the lines of resource not found or worse ... a bunch of warning that make no sense.

But the fix is actually pretty simple.

There are two basic reasons why an image won't display on the site.

1. The name of the image contains special characters. To fix this, rename the photo without special characters, making sure to only use a period between the file name and extension.

Good: photoname.jpg
Bad: photoname&info.jpg
Also Bad: photo.name.jpg


2. The image is just too large. Most of our sites allow you to upload up to 200MB per photo, and you are uploading an image that is just a mere 4MB. How can it be too big? Easy ... The diementions of the photo are too big. Many times someone tries to upload an image that is twice as wide as the website. When this happens, the server can time out trying to resize it, making the image not appear.

The fix is simple. Check the dimentions of the image, and try to keep them to less than 800px wide. And don't worry about the MB size .... we have that covered.

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